Panama is a small country located in Central America, known for its diverse landscapes, rich culture, and history. Visitors can explore Panama’s stunning landscapes, from the lush rainforests of the Darien province, to the white sandy beaches of the Pacific and Caribbean coastlines. Panama is also known for its rich cultural heritage, from the indigenous cultures to the colonial heritage of cities such as Panama City and Casco Viejo. Visitors can explore the historic neighborhoods, museums and art galleries in these cities, such as the Panama Viejo, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the Museum of Biodiversity in Panama City.

Panama is also a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, with a wide range of activities such as hiking, bird watching, and adventure sports. The country is also home to a diverse range of wildlife, including the Harpy eagle, the Central American tapir, and the Three-wattled bellbird.

Panamanian cuisine is characterized by its delicious traditional dishes such as “Sancocho”, a hearty stew made with chicken, yucca, and plantains and “Carimañola”, a fried yucca dough filled with meat or cheese. Panama is also renowned for its traditional drinks such as “Chicha de piña” a sweet pineapple drink and “Seco Herrerano” a local liquor made from sugarcane.

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