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Free Walking Tour Athens

This free walking tour in Athens offers a journey through the city’s rich history and vibrant culture, starting in front of Greek Roots Jewelry. Explore significant landmarks including the Choragic Monument of Lysicrates, the picturesque neighborhood of Anafiotika, the historical Areopagus, and the majestic Parthenon. Visit the Pnyx Monument, the Acropolis of Athens, and the Ancient Agora, home to the well-preserved Temple of Hephaestus. Wander through the charming streets of Plaka and Mnisikleous, and conclude at the fascinating Tower of the Winds.

Meeting point

Meet your guide in front of Greek Roots Jewelry.


Tip only basis. You must tip your guide at the end of the tour. It is recommended to tip from 10 to 20 euros per person.


Free Walking Tour Athens starts in front of Greek Roots Jewelry. From here, our first stop is the Choragic Monument of Lysicrates, a unique structure from the 4th century BC, commemorating the choregos, Lysicrates, for his victory in a dramatic contest.

Next, we will explore Anafiotika, a charming neighborhood nestled on the slopes of the Acropolis. This area, with its narrow streets and whitewashed houses, resembles the Cycladic architecture of the island of Anafi.

Continuing our journey, we ascend to the Areopagus, a prominent rock outcropping with historical significance as the meeting place for the Athenian council. It offers a splendid view of the city and the Acropolis.


We then visit the Parthenon, the iconic temple dedicated to Athena, standing majestically on the Acropolis. As we explore the Acropolis, we also encounter the Pnyx Monument, the assembly area where ancient Athenians gathered to host their democratic meetings.

Our path leads us to the Ancient Agora of Athens, the heart of public life in ancient times. Here, we will see the Temple of Hephaestus, one of the best-preserved ancient Greek temples, dedicated to the god of craftsmanship.

As we descend from the ancient sites, we walk through Plaka, the old historical neighborhood of Athens, known for its labyrinthine streets and neoclassical architecture. Here, we pass by Mnisikleous Street, famous for its stairs lined with quaint cafes and restaurants.

Finally, Free Walking Tour Athens concludes at the Tower of the Winds, an ancient clock tower that served as both a timepiece and a weather vane, marking the end of our enriching walk through Athens’ storied past and vibrant present.

Frequently asked questions

What is the maximum of participants?

The maximum of participants is 15 people.

Can I book a private walking tour?

Yes, you can book a private walking tour by contacting us straight via email.

Can I bring my children?

Yes, in Free Tour Athens everyone is welcome.

What should I bring?

Check out the weather on the day of the tour to make sure you bring and umbrella in case is raining. Bring comfortable shoes, cash and a big smile 🙂