Free Walking Tour Berlin

free walking tour berlin

Free Walking Tour Berlin takes you through the dynamic and exciting city of Berlin that offers a unique blend of history and modern culture. From iconic landmarks such as the Berlin Wall and Brandenburg Gate to the trendy neighborhoods of Kreuzberg and Prenzlauer Berg, the city offers something for everyone to enjoy. Visitors can explore world-class museums and galleries, take in the vibrant street art, or experience the thriving nightlife scene. Whether you’re interested in history, art, or just want to soak up the city’s unique atmosphere, Berlin is a must-see destination.

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Free Walking Tour Berlin – Itinerary

Begin your tour at the Brandenburg Gate, one of the most recognizable symbols of the city. This iconic landmark was built in the 18th century and has served as a symbol of the city and its history. Take in the beautiful architecture and learn about the gate’s significance throughout history.

Next, walk to the Reichstag Building, the home of the German Parliament. Learn about the building’s history and how it has been destroyed and rebuilt after the World War II. Take a tour of the building and visit the famous glass dome, which offers a great panoramic view of the city.


Continuing on, visit the Holocaust Memorial, a powerful and moving tribute to the victims of the Holocaust. This site is made up of 2,711 concrete slabs arranged in a grid pattern, representing the anonymity of the victims. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the past and the importance of remembering the atrocities of the Holocaust.

After that, walk to Checkpoint Charlie, the former crossing point between East and West Berlin during the Cold War. Learn about the history of the Berlin Wall and the events that led to the fall of the wall in 1989.

Finally, end your tour at the Berlin Wall Memorial, an open-air exhibition that features a section of the original wall, as well as information about the history of the wall and its significance. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the past and the role of the wall in shaping the city’s history and identity.