Guided Walking Tour in Sofia

walking tour sofia

Explore the captivating tapestry of Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital, on a 3.5-hour walking tour that unveils the city’s essence. Begin at the Sofia Court House, a symbol of justice, and journey through time with the 365 Association as your guide. Marvel at the ancient beauty of the Orthodox Church Saint Parascheva, reflect on leadership at the Presidency Building, and engage with history at the former Communist Party Headquarters. Find tranquility at City Garden, ponder the Soviet Army Monument’s significance, and admire the modern National Palace of Culture. The tour culminates at a segment of the Berlin Wall, a powerful emblem of unity. Immerse yourself in Sofia’s stories and spirit as you traverse its streets and landmarks.

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16:00 hrs


3 hours 30 minutes

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Professional guide

3.5-hour guided walking tour

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Food and drinks


Full description

Explore Sofia, Bulgaria’s enchanting capital, on a captivating walking tour that winds through historical landmarks and cultural treasures. From the moment we gather at the Sofia Court House, a world of stories and discoveries awaits.

Our adventure commences at the Sofia Court House, an architectural marvel that stands as a testament to justice and modernity. Learn about its significance as we set the stage for an immersive journey.

Guided by the expertise of the 365 Association, unlock the city’s hidden gems and local secrets. Traverse the charming streets as you absorb the essence of Sofia’s past and present.

Step into the embrace of history at the Ancient Orthodox Church of Saint Parascheva, lovingly known as “St. Petka.” Marvel at its intricate frescoes and listen to tales of faith that echo through time.


The opulent Presidency Building beckons with stories of leadership and governance. Discover the history that has unfolded within its walls as we contemplate its significance in shaping Bulgaria’s narrative.

Journey back in time to Bulgaria’s Communist era at the former party headquarters. Engage with the complexities of the nation’s past as we explore the transformation from dictatorship to democracy.

Seek refuge in the tranquil City Garden, an urban oasis where nature and culture intertwine. Discover the park’s role in the lives of locals and find a moment of respite in its serene ambiance.

Soviet Army Monument: The Soviet Army Monument stands as a focal point of history and dialogue. Engage in discussions about its symbolism, artistry, and the diverse perspectives it embodies.

Behold the modern marvel that is the National Palace of Culture, a hub of creativity and expression. Delve into its architectural and cultural significance as we appreciate its role in Sofia’s dynamic spirit.

Our journey concludes at a poignant segment of the Berlin Wall—a universal emblem of unity and transformation. Reflect on the profound lessons it imparts as we bid farewell to Sofia, a city that gracefully intertwines its heritage with contemporary life.


Meeting point

Meet your guide at Sofia City Court, outside the Palace of Justice, at the corner of Vistosha Boulevard and Alabin Street.

Important information

This tour will take place rain or shine.