Piran Free Walking Tour

Piran free walking tour is a historic tour in the coastal town of Piran located on the Slovenian part of the Adriatic Sea. With its charming narrow streets and colorful buildings, Piran offers a picturesque and authentic Mediterranean atmosphere. The town’s rich history can be seen in the well-preserved Venetian-style architecture and the various museums and churches. Visitors can enjoy a stroll along the scenic seafront promenade, visit the vibrant central square and sample local cuisine in one of the many traditional seafood restaurants.

General information

Meeting point: Meet your guide at the main entrance of Saint Peter’s Church

Start times: 11:00 hrs / 18:00 hrs

Duration: 2 hours

Language: English

Availability: Everyday

Price: Tip only basis

Important: Please remember to check your ticket after booking to ensure you don’t miss any updates from your guide.

Free Walking Tour Piran – Itinerary

Free walking tour Piran starts at the main entrance of Saint Peter’s church. From there, you can visit the Cathedral of St. George, a beautiful Gothic-style church located on the hill overlooking the town. The church is known for its rich history, beautiful stained-glass windows, and stunning views of the town and the sea.

Next, you take a stroll through the old town of Piran, admiring the well-preserved architecture of the old buildings, many of which date back to the Middle Ages. You will also pass by several historic churches, such as the Church of St. Francis, the oldest church in the town, and the Church of St. Michael, known for its beautiful frescoes.

Finally, you finish your tour with a walk along the coastal promenade, where you can enjoy the stunning views of the sea and the nearby islands. You can also visit the Maritime Museum, which is housed in a former salt warehouse and showcases the town’s rich maritime history. Whether you’re a history buff, an architecture enthusiast, or just looking to relax and enjoy the scenery, a 2-hour walking tour of Piran is a must-see for anyone visiting Slovenia.