Guided Walking Tour in Gdansk

Embark on an immersive 2-hour walking tour to explore the enchanting city of Gdańsk. Our journey commences at the iconic Green Gate, where we will delve into the rich history of this remarkable city. As we continue, we’ll visit two prominent landmarks, the historic Crane and the engaging Museum of the Polish Post Office, each holding their own fascinating stories to share.

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2-hour guided walking tour

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Full description

Embark on an engaging 2-hour walking tour that will allow you to explore the captivating city of Gdańsk, immersing yourself in its rich history and lively culture. Our expedition commences at the iconic Green Gate, an impressive entryway to the Royal Route. Passing through its arches, prepare to be transported back in time to Gdańsk’s golden era.

Our initial destination is the awe-inspiring Crane, an emblem of the city’s maritime legacy. Dominating the skyline above the Motława River, this medieval harbor crane once played a pivotal role in Gdańsk’s bustling trade scene. Behold its remarkable proportions and discover the captivating anecdotes of the merchants who navigated these waters.

Continuing our exploration, we make our way to the Museum of the Polish Post Office, housed within the historic structure of the Museum of Gdańsk. Here, we unravel the gripping narrative of the Polish resistance against German forces during World War II. Plunge into the challenges and heroism of those who valiantly defended the post office, leaving an indelible mark on Gdańsk’s chronicles.

Subsequently, we arrive at St. Mary’s Church, an authentic architectural masterpiece. Standing as one of the world’s largest brick churches, this Gothic gem showcases awe-inspiring interiors and a towering spire offering panoramic city vistas. Uncover the enigmas held within its walls and learn about the pivotal role this church played in the spiritual life of Gdańsk’s inhabitants.

While navigating the charming Mariacka Street (ulica Mariacka), renowned for its picturesque edifices and amber jewelry boutiques, we soak in the distinctive ambiance of this historical thoroughfare. Admire the intricate façades adorned with lavish details and perhaps procure a cherished memento to bring home.


Continuing our odyssey, we approach the Golden Gate (Złota Brama), an architectural marvel that once greeted Polish monarchs. Take a moment to marvel at the elaborate sculptural embellishments and reliefs portraying historical events and figures. This grand entrance sets the stage for the treasures that await within Gdańsk’s Main Town Hall, the residence of the Museum of Gdańsk. Step inside and become entranced by exhibits that showcase the city’s opulent heritage and tales of its bygone days.

Our course leads us to Dwór Artusa, a splendid Renaissance-style manor that once served as a meeting point for Gdańsk’s elite. Step into this refined space and envision the animated conversations and festivities that unfolded within its walls. Ensure you capture the ornate details and remarkable architectural features that render this place truly extraordinary.

As we approach Neptune’s Fountain (Fontanna Neptuna), we encounter a symbol of Gdańsk’s intimate link with the sea. Pose for a photograph beside the mighty sea deity and appreciate the intricate sculptures encircling the fountain, symbolizing the city’s bond with maritime trade and exploration.

Lastly, our journey reaches its conclusion at the Great Armoury, an imposing edifice that formerly housed a vast armament.

Meeting point

Meet our guide at the green bridge. Look for the guide holding a red Doppler umbrella.

Important information

This tour will take place rain or shine.