Free Walking Tour Torun

free walking tour torun

Free walking tour Torun is the best way to explore the historic city of Torun located in northern Poland, renowned for its well-preserved Gothic architecture and medieval heritage. It is known as the birthplace of the famous astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, who changed the way we see the world by proposing a heliocentric model of the solar system. The Old Town of Torun is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and boasts beautiful red brick buildings, towers, and cobbled streets that transport visitors back in time. With its charming atmosphere, Torun is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in history and architecture.

General information

Meeting point

Meet your guide at the Old Town Hall

Start times: 11:00 hrs / 18:00 hrs

Duration: 2 hours

Language: English

Price: Tip only basis


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Free Walking Tour Torun – Itinerary

Free walking tour Torun starts at the Old Town Hall, a Gothic-style building that has been standing for over 700 years. From here, you can enjoy stunning views of the city, as well as learn about its history and how it was used as the town hall until the 19th century.

Next, head to the stunning Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, which was built in the 14th century and is one of the city’s most important religious landmarks. This towering structure is an impressive example of Gothic architecture and is known for its intricate carvings, stained-glass windows, and soaring spires.


Continuing your tour, visit the house where Nicolaus Copernicus was born. Copernicus is known for revolutionizing astronomy and science, and his contributions to the field continue to be celebrated today. This small museum provides an interesting look at his life and work.

After visiting the house, take a stroll through the picturesque Market Square, where you can admire the colorful buildings and charming cafes.

Next, stop by the Torun City Walls, which were built in the 14th century and are considered one of the city’s most important historical landmarks. The walls were once used to protect the city from invading forces, and today they offer stunning views of Torun and its surroundings.

Finally, end your tour at the Teutonic Knights Castle, a massive fortress that dates back to the 13th century. This imposing structure was once the headquarters of the Teutonic Knights, and today it is a museum that showcases the history and culture of the city.