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Explore the enchanting city of Delft, Netherlands, on a 1.5-hour walking tour that will transport you through time and culture. Begin your adventure at Estación Central Delft, marvel at the majestic Molen de Roos, and wander along the scenic Oude Delft. Immerse yourself in history at Prinsenhof and Oude Kerk, and soak in the lively atmosphere at Markt. Conclude your journey at the impressive Oostpoort, where the city’s rich heritage comes to life. Let Delft’s picturesque canals and charming architecture leave an indelible mark on your heart as you explore its unique wonders.

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10:00 hrs


1 hour 30 minutes

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1.5-hour guided walking tour

A tour guide

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Full description

Explore the picturesque city of Delft, Netherlands, where history, art, and culture come together in perfect harmony. Our 1.5-hour walking tour promises an unforgettable journey through some of Delft’s most iconic landmarks. So lace up your walking shoes, and let’s begin our exploration!

We start our adventure at the heart of the city, Estación Central Delft, a stunning train station that serves as a gateway to this enchanting place. As we stroll through the charming streets, you’ll immediately notice the distinctive Dutch architecture, adorned with charming gabled houses and scenic canals.

Our next stop is the majestic Molen de Roos, a traditional windmill that stands tall and proud. Prepare to be captivated by the picturesque views of Delft from its vantage point. The windmill also offers a fascinating insight into the city’s historical relationship with wind power and trade.


Continuing our journey, we meander along the enchanting Oude Delft, a street lined with historic buildings and leafy trees. Immerse yourself in the local ambiance as we pass by cozy cafes, boutique shops, and traditional Dutch homes, each with its unique story to tell.

As we approach Prinsenhof, prepare to step back in time to the Dutch Golden Age. This former royal palace has witnessed significant historical events, including the assassination of William of Orange. Delve into the past and discover the legacy of this pivotal figure in Dutch history while marveling at the impressive architecture surrounding us.

Next on our list is the iconic Oude Kerk, the city’s oldest church. Its towering spire stands as a symbol of Delft’s spiritual heritage and serves as the final resting place of the renowned painter Johannes Vermeer. We’ll explore the church’s interior, admiring its exquisite stained-glass windows and intricate wooden roof.

Continuing along the cobblestone streets, we’ll arrive at Markt, the bustling central square. Here, you’ll encounter an array of vibrant market stalls, offering local delicacies, crafts, and souvenirs. Take a moment to savor the lively atmosphere and perhaps indulge in some traditional Dutch treats.

Our final destination is the iconic Oostpoort, an imposing city gate that once served as a fortified entrance to Delft. As we stand before this monumental structure, you’ll gain insight into the city’s defensive past and the significance of its well-preserved historical landmarks.

As our 1.5-hour walking tour comes to a close, we hope you’ve fallen in love with Delft’s timeless charm and captivating history. Whether it’s the picturesque canals, the artistic legacy, or the warm hospitality of its residents, Delft offers an experience like no other.

Meeting point

Meet your guide at Delft Station, 2611 BM Delft, Países Bajos,meet your guide at the station entrance, near the Pavilion Restaurant.

Important information

This tour will take place rain or shine.