Venice Free Walking Tour

Venice free walking tour guides you through the city of Venice like no other, built on a network of canals and linked by bridges. The city is famous for its beautiful architecture, including the iconic St. Mark’s Basilica, and its picturesque gondolas that navigate the canals. Visitors can also explore the Doge’s Palace and the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, which houses works by many famous artists, including Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí. Strolling through the narrow streets and discovering hidden squares and gardens is a must, as well as taking a trip to the nearby islands of Murano and Burano, known for their glass and lace making respectively.

General information

Meeting point: St. Mark’s Square

Start times: 11:00 hrs / 18:00 hrs

Duration: 2 hours

Language: English

Availability: Everyday

Price: Tip only basis

Note: Booking this tour is mandatory

Free Walking Tour Venice – Itinerary

Free walking tour Venice begins in St. Mark’s Square, one of the most famous public spaces in the world. Surrounded by historic buildings, including the beautiful St. Mark’s Basilica, this bustling square is a must-see for any first-time visitor to Venice. 

Next, head to the Doge’s Palace, a stunning Gothic building that was once the home of the city’s ruling dukes. Today, it is a museum that showcases the rich history of Venice, including its political and cultural heritage. Be sure to visit the famous Bridge of Sighs, which connects the palace to the nearby prison. 

From the Doge’s Palace, make your way to the Rialto Bridge, one of the most famous landmarks in Venice. This beautiful bridge crosses the Grand Canal and provides stunning views of the city and its surroundings. Take a stroll along the bridge and admire the busy water traffic below. 

As you continue your tour, be sure to stop by the colorful Campo Santa Maria Formosa, one of the largest and most beautiful squares in Venice. This lively space is surrounded by historic buildings, including the church of Santa Maria Formosa, and is a great place to relax and people-watch. 

Next, visit the stunning Church of San Giovanni e Paolo, a Gothic masterpiece that is one of the largest churches in Venice. Inside, you will find beautiful frescoes, intricate altarpieces, and an impressive collection of Renaissance art. 

Finally, end your tour at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, a modern art museum that is housed in a beautiful palazzo along the Grand Canal. This museum showcases works by some of the most famous artists of the 20th century, including Picasso, Dalí, and Magritte, making it a must-see for art lovers.