Free Walking Tour Genoa

Free Walking Tour Genoa

Free walking tour Genoa is the best way to explore the city of Genoa also known as Genova, located on the northwestern coast of Italy, is known for its rich maritime history and stunning coastal views. The city is home to numerous historic landmarks, including the Palazzo Ducale, the Cattedrale di San Lorenzo, and the ancient Galata Museo del Mare. Visitors can explore the historic center of Genoa, with its narrow alleys, charming squares, and beautiful churches, or take a stroll along the city’s harbor and enjoy the fresh sea air. Genoa is also a hub for shopping, dining, and entertainment, offering plenty of options for visitors looking to relax and unwind.

General information

Meeting point

At 10:00 am, meet your guide at Manena Hostel Genova

At 13:00 hrs, meet your guide at Piazza de Ferrari


The tour starting at 10:00 am lasts 4 hours

The tour starting at 13:00 hrs lasts 2 hours




Tip only basis


Booking this tour is 100% mandatory


If your group has 5 participants or more, please book a private tour over the Whatsapp number +491783100358 or send us an email.

Free Walking Tour Genoa – Itinerary

Embark on a captivating journey through the ancient streets of Genoa with our free walking tour, starting at the vibrant Manena Hostel. Immerse yourself in the rich history and architectural wonders of this enchanting Italian city as we explore its most iconic landmarks.

We’ll commence our adventure by strolling through the bustling streets to reach the remarkable Caravelle, a replica of the legendary ship used by Christopher Columbus. Step aboard and let your imagination sail back to the Age of Discovery, envisioning the courageous voyages that shaped the course of history.


Crossing the majestic Ponte Monumentale, a bridge that offers breathtaking views of Genoa’s sprawling cityscape and bustling harbor, we’ll make our way to the birthplace of Columbus himself. Discover the fascinating life and extraordinary achievements of this great explorer as we delve into the stories and secrets of his formative years.

Continuing our exploration, we’ll arrive at the ancient Porta Soprana, a medieval gateway that has withstood the test of time, symbolizing Genoa’s rich heritage. As we pass through its historic arches, we’ll find ourselves in the heart of the city, the picturesque Piazza De Ferrari. Marvel at the grandeur of the Doge’s Palace, a Gothic masterpiece that once served as the residence of the Doge, while soaking in the vibrant atmosphere of this lively square.

Next, we’ll make our way to the awe-inspiring Cattedrale di San Lorenzo, a stunning cathedral that stands as a testament to Genoa’s deep religious roots. Gaze in wonder at its breathtaking architecture and ornate interior as you learn about the spiritual significance this holy site holds for the city’s inhabitants.

Our enchanting journey continues through the charming Piazza Banchi, where the bustling market atmosphere will captivate your senses. Take a moment to appreciate the Vascello Neptune, a beloved local landmark that adds a touch of maritime charm to the square.

As we proceed along the magnificent Via Garibaldi, prepare to be mesmerized by the splendor of this renowned street adorned with grand palaces and imposing monuments. Each step will transport you back to Genoa’s golden era, allowing you to envision the opulent lifestyle of the city’s noble families.

Finally, our free tour of Genoa culminates at Spianata Castelleto, an elevated observation deck perched on a hilltop. From this vantage point, you’ll be treated to panoramic vistas of the city, the sparkling sea, and the rolling hills that embrace Genoa. Take a moment to savor the full majesty of this captivating destination and reflect on the rich history and culture that has shaped its character.


Frequent asked questions

What is the maximum number of participants for this Free Walking Tour in Genoa?

The maximum number of participants is 15 people.

Can this free tour be done for one single group?

If you want a tour for only your group, please request a quotation for a private tour.

Can my children participate in this walking tour?

Of course, in Free Tour Genoa everyone is welcome.

Do we see all the places listed in the itinerary?

The itinerary of this tour may change sometimes.

Why the 10 am tour last 4 hours?

This 10 am tour lasts 4 hours but it is not something that should scare you, since your guide will do stops at nice local cafes where you can enjoy an Italian desert or a delicious espresso coffee.

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