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Explore the medieval charm of Kilkenny, Ireland, on this enchanting 1.5-hour walking tour. Discover the rich history of the city starting from the iconic Tholsel and the majestic Kilkenny Castle. Immerse yourself in tales of witches and forbidden love at Kyteler’s Inn, then step back in time at Rothe House and Garden. Admire the grandeur of St. Canice’s Cathedral & Round Tower before learning about Kilkenny’s brewing tradition at Smithwick’s Retail Store. Unravel stories of criminals and punishment at the Old Jail and Courthouse, and finally, delve into Kilkenny’s past at the Medieval Mile Museum. Let the essence of Kilkenny linger in your heart long after this memorable journey ends.

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Explore the enchanting city of Kilkenny, Ireland, on this captivating 1.5-hour walking tour. Our journey begins at the historic Tholsel, a beautiful 18th-century building that once served as the heart of civic life. As we stand here, take a moment to absorb the rich history surrounding us, for it is just the beginning of a remarkable adventure.

Next, we venture towards the illustrious Kilkenny Castle, an awe-inspiring symbol of the city’s medieval heritage. Stroll through its stunning gardens and feel the weight of centuries past, as the castle’s towering walls reveal stories of royalty and conquest.

From there, we make our way to the Tourist Information Office, housed in the Shee Alms House, a charming Tudor building. Here, you’ll receive a warm Kilkenny welcome and a wealth of information about the city’s hidden gems.

As we continue our exploration, we arrive at Kyteler’s Inn, a 17th-century tavern with a captivating past. Tales of witches, intrigue, and forbidden love are woven into its very walls, making it a must-visit location with an unforgettable atmosphere.


Our journey then takes us to Rothe House and Garden, an immaculately preserved Tudor merchant’s residence. Admire the traditional architecture and immerse yourself in the elegant gardens, offering a peaceful retreat from the bustling city.

The towering St. Canice’s Cathedral & Round Tower beckons us next. Climb the ancient Round Tower for panoramic views of Kilkenny, and step inside the cathedral to witness its impressive architecture and sacred history.

To quench our thirst for knowledge, we make a brief stop at Smithwick’s Retail Store, where the aroma of malt and hops fills the air. Learn about Kilkenny’s famous brewing tradition and perhaps pick up a souvenir to cherish.

Continuing our walk, we reach the historic Kilkenny Old Jail and Courthouse. Unravel tales of criminals and punishment, as we explore the eerie cells and corridors of this once-intimidating institution.

Finally, our journey concludes at the remarkable Medieval Mile Museum, an extraordinary treasure trove of Kilkenny’s past. Here, delve deeper into the city’s medieval roots through captivating exhibits, artifacts, and interactive displays.

As our 1-hour walking tour comes to an end, we bid farewell to the charm and allure of Kilkenny. But take with you the memories of this unforgettable adventure, carrying the spirit of this captivating city in your heart for years to come. May this journey through time and history leave you with a deeper appreciation for the splendor that is Kilkenny, Ireland.


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Meet your guide at 83 High St .

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This tour will take place rain or shine.