Guided Walking Tour in Dublin

Step into an enthralling exploration of Dublin’s diverse streets with a comprehensive 3.5-hour guided walking tour. This immersive experience will allow you to unravel the city’s intricate historical narrative, tracing its evolution from the pivotal events of the Easter Rising to the transformative era characterized by the Celtic Tiger phenomenon.

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Sunday, Monday, Friday and Saturday

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16:00 hrs


3 hours 30 minutes

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3.5-hour guided walking tour

Professional local tour guide

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Full description

Discover the dynamic streets of Dublin, Ireland, on this captivating 3.5-hour walking excursion, where you’ll unveil the intricate web of history, culture, and myths that have molded this captivating city. From the pivotal occurrences of the Easter Rising to the distinguished figures of Irish history, from the ascent and decline of the Celtic Tiger to the origins of Halloween and the legacy of Dracula, this tour promises to sweep you through a compelling journey spanning Dublin’s past and present. Put on your walking shoes and get ready to be captivated.

Our expedition commences with a voyage into the Easter Rising, delving deep into the unfolding events during the turbulent Easter Monday of 1916. Gain insights into the central figures, their motives, and the resonance this uprising had on Ireland’s quest for sovereignty.

As we traverse the historical avenues, we’ll encounter narratives of prominent personalities who have indelibly influenced Irish history. From literary luminaries like James Joyce and Oscar Wilde to political visionaries such as Michael Collins, acquaint yourself with the extraordinary individuals who have sculpted Ireland’s cultural and political canvas.

Dublin’s infamous Celtic Tiger era, marked by rapid economic expansion, will also come alive. Unearth the stories behind the surge and the subsequent decline, as well as the enduring impact it left on the city and its inhabitants. The trajectory of the tour takes an intriguing twist as we delve into the history of Penneys, internationally recognized as Primark. Discover the origins of this beloved retail chain, which originated right here in Dublin, and learn how it evolved into a global sensation.


While we wander the streets, we’ll also immerse ourselves in the haunting history of the Great Famine and its profound ripples across Ireland. Explore the links between the famine, Irish emigration, and the diaspora that have shaped communities worldwide.

Continuing our odyssey, we’ll pay a visit to the Guinness Factory, where you can delve into the history and brewing process of Ireland’s most famous stout. Immerse yourself in the narrative of Guinness and perhaps even relish a pint while savoring panoramic vistas of the city from the Gravity Bar.

Our exploration of Dublin’s religious heritage persists as we explore the splendid Christ Church Cathedral and Dublinia, an interactive museum that breathes life into the Viking and medieval history of the city. Uncover the interwoven tales of the cathedral and the city itself.

The awe-inspiring St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Ireland’s largest church, stands as our next destination. Marvel at the Gothic architecture, explore the resplendent interiors, and delve into the riveting history of this revered establishment. Our concluding stop will be the renowned Temple Bar district, celebrated for its vibrant ambiance, traditional pubs, and effervescent cultural milieu.

Meeting point

Meet your guide outside of Savoy Cinema. More instructions will be given by your guide one day before the tour starts.

Important information

This tour will take place rain or shine.