Free Walking Tour Santorini

Free walking tour Santorini walks you through this breathtaking Greek island renowned for its iconic white-washed buildings, cobalt blue domed churches, and stunning sunsets. The island is located in the Aegean Sea and is part of the Cyclades island group. With its rugged cliffs and crystal-clear waters, Santorini is a popular tourist destination and a must-visit for anyone looking to experience the beauty of Greece. This Free Walking Tour in Santorini takes place in Fira.

General information



Meeting point

Meet your guide in front of the main entrance to the Holy Metropolitan Church of Ypapanti.

Start time

10:00 am


2 hours




Fira is sometimes a crowed place, this is why we keep our groups small (maximum 10 people) to deliver a better experience. Please consider to tip your guide from 15 to 30 euros per person.

Booking fee

This tour requires a booking fee. Tours often sell out and no-shows are costly to our business. Remember that the booking fee of 2.5 USD per person is not the gratuity. The gratuity must be given to the tour guide at the end of the activity.


If your group has 7 participants or more, please contact us over whatsapp (+491783100358) to book a private walking tour. Private walking tours are offered in English and Spanish.

Free Walking Tour Santorini – Itinerary

Embark on the captivating Free Walking Tour Santorini, a journey through the island’s rich history and breathtaking landscapes. Our adventure commences at the revered Holy Metropolitan Church of Ypapanti.

As we set forth, the tour guides you along the inner side of the caldera, treating you to a spellbinding panorama of the Aegean Sea and the iconic caldera cliffs. Ascend the ancient stairways, a pathway infused with history, connecting the old port to the city, while encountering the charismatic donkeys, a beloved and entertaining tourist attraction.


The highlight of the tour is the panoramic vista awaiting you from the cable car, where the old port and the imposing volcano unfold before your eyes. Visit the symbolic spot where “lovers” attach love locks, creating lasting memories against the backdrop of Santorini’s charm. Traverse the path to the renowned Three Bells of Firostefani, immersing yourself in the island’s cultural richness. As you stroll through the inner part of the city, indulge in shopping opportunities and uncover hidden gems. The journey continues to St. John the Baptist Cathedral, a Roman Catholic masterpiece, and the Gyzi Megaron, a museum housed in a 17th-century mansion, where photo exhibitions and artifacts vividly showcase the island’s history

Concluding at the main square of Fira, this Free Walking Tour promises an unforgettable experience, blending history, culture, and the scenic beauty of Santorini.

Frequent asked questions

What is the maximum number of participants in this Free Walking Tour in Santorini?

The maximum number of participants is 10 people.

Can this free tour be done for one single group?

If you want a tour for only your group, please request a quotation for a private tour.

Can my children participate in this walking tour?

Of course, in Free Tour Santorini everyone is welcome.

Do we see all the places listed in the itinerary?

The itinerary of this tour may change sometimes.

What should you bring?

Bring comfortable clothes, sneakers, cap, sunglasses, sunscreen, cash and a big smile 🙂

Can I only pay with PayPal?

No, when booking the tour, the primary payment method available is PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, please select “Pay with PayPal,” and then, you will be presented with the option to “Pay with a debit or credit card.”

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