Guided Walking Tour in Cologne

Set forth on a captivating 2-hour guided walking excursion to delve deep into the intriguing history and vibrant culture of Cologne. Uncover iconic landmarks, transport yourself through time as you step into the awe-inspiring Cologne Cathedral, and fully immerse yourself in the city’s one-of-a-kind atmosphere that is brimming with charm and uniqueness.

General information

Price / 28 USD

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Starting time

10:00 hrs


2 hours

Included / excluded

2-hour walking tour

Professional tour guide

Hotel pickup and drop-off

Gratuities (optional)

Full description

Step into Cologne’s mesmerizing bygone era and unveil its concealed mysteries during an extraordinary walking expedition. Accompany us on a delightful voyage through the city’s opulent history, where captivating narratives and remarkable architectural wonders await at every corner.

Our proficient guides will escort you through the enchanting thoroughfares, divulging the enthralling chronicles behind Cologne’s renowned landmarks. Be awestruck by the magnificent Cologne Cathedral, a soaring masterpiece that has endured as a symbol of the city’s magnificence for centuries. Meander through the picturesque Old Town, a mosaic of cobblestone pathways bordered by lively edifices that transport you to a different time.

While we amble along, you’ll uncover the reasons why Cologne has stood as a nucleus of history, culture, and ingenuity throughout the epochs. Listen to captivating anecdotes about the city’s pivotal role in shaping European civilization and personally witness the vestiges of its illustrious history.


However, our expedition isn’t merely an educational journey; it’s an immersive encounter that will tantalize all your senses. Inhale the fragrances of freshly baked treats wafting from traditional bakeries, experience the cobblestones beneath your feet as you navigate the labyrinthine alleyways, and absorb the vivacious ambiance that saturates the city.

This captivating and informative escapade caters to all, whether you’re a history aficionado or simply curious to delve into Cologne’s abundant heritage. Join us and be transported through time, cultivating a newfound admiration for this dynamic city that artfully melds the old with the new.

Meeting point

Meet in the middle of the park next to where the statue of a head is laying.

Important information

This tour will take place rain or shine.