Free Walking Tour Cuenca

free walking tour cuenca

Free walking tour Cuenca shows you the beautiful colonial city of Cuenca located in the southern part of Ecuador. Known for its well-preserved architecture, Cuenca is home to many historic buildings and plazas, including the New Cathedral and the Old Cathedral. With free tour Cuenca travelers can learn about the many museums and art galleries in the city, as well as take in the stunning views from the nearby Mirador de Turi. In addition to its rich cultural heritage, Cuenca is also a great base for exploring the surrounding region, with many opportunities for hiking, bird-watching, and other outdoor activities.

General information

Meeting point

The guide will be at Simón Bolívar 844, Cuenca, Ecuador, inside the Calderon park roundabout. The guide always carry a backpack with red and blue geometric figures.

Start times

15:30 hrs (Spanish)


2 hours


Tuesday to Friday


Tip only basis


Please remember to check your ticket after booking to ensure you don’t miss any updates from your guide.

Free Walking Tour Cuenca – Itinerary

Free Walking Tour Cuenca begins at the Museo Del Sombrero De Paja Toquilla, where the artistry of weaving unfolds like a delicate poem. Behold the creation of the iconic Panama hat, a masterpiece born from the nimble fingers of skilled artisans. Feel the straw’s embrace and let its story weave into your own.

As we meander through the charming San Sebastian neighborhood, allow the soulful melodies of street musicians to guide us towards the Catedral de la Inmaculada Concepción. This architectural marvel stands as a testament to the city’s resilience, its blue domes reaching for the heavens. Step inside and let the sacred whispers of the past envelop you.


The journey continues to the Plaza de las Flores, a kaleidoscope of colors where flora blossoms and locals gather. Take a moment to breathe in the fragrance of Ecuadorian blooms as we traverse the vibrant tapestry of this lively square.

Calle Santa Ana beckons with its narrow lanes and colonial charm. Here, history unfolds in every stone, and stories linger like ghosts of bygone eras. As we walk, imagine the footsteps of those who walked these same paths centuries ago, their tales echoing in the shadows.

Our artistic odyssey brings us to the Museo de Arte Moderno, a sanctuary where contemporary expressions intertwine with the city’s storied past. Let the strokes of modern genius captivate your senses, and ponder the dialogue between tradition and innovation.

Finally, our footsteps echo towards the grand finale, the Catedral Vieja de Cuenca. This Gothic masterpiece stands proud, a guardian of tales untold. As we stand in its shadow, let the whispers of history and the breeze from ancient spires carry you away.