Guided Walking Tour in Getsemani

Embark on an enthralling journey with a 2.5-hour guided walking tour, delving into the dynamic streets of Getsemani, Colombia. Immerse yourself in the vivid cultural experience as you wander through iconic landmarks, including the captivating La Gorda Gertrudis, the scenic Camellon de los Martires, and the charming Calle de San Juan.

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Monday to Friday

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16:00 hrs


2 hours 30 minutes

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Bilingual professional guide

2.5-hour guided walking tour

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Full description

Experience the dynamic pathways of Getsemani, a spirited district nestled within Cartagena, Colombia, during this captivating 2.5-hour walking excursion. Immerse yourself in the opulent history, cultural nuances, and local charisma while uncovering the concealed treasures and iconic landmarks that render Getsemani an essential destination.

Embark on your journey from the renowned La Gorda Gertrudis, a beloved sculpture that has evolved into an emblematic symbol of the neighborhood. Towering with dignity, this mesmerizing artwork extends a warm embrace, setting the stage for the vivacious exploration that awaits.

As you traverse the enthralling streets, your well-informed guide leads you to Camellon de los Martires, a picturesque waterfront promenade adorned with alluring statues and luxuriant foliage. Absorb the tranquil sea vistas as your guide regales you with captivating narratives about the martyrs and the profound importance of this exquisite esplanade.

Continuing along the enchanting thoroughfares, you delve into the nucleus of Getsemani, where the genuine spirit of the locality comes to life. Saunter down the famed Calle de la Sierpe, celebrated for its vibrant facades and artistic graffiti. Witness the seamless fusion of historic architecture and contemporary street art while navigating this lively avenue.


Next, your odyssey leads you to the distinguished Calle de San Juan, a cultural epicenter pulsating with vitality and inventiveness. Marvel at the impeccably preserved colonial edifices, adorned with elaborate balconies and quaint windows, which mirror the opulent history and architectural legacy of the vicinity.

Immerse yourself in the local way of life as you pause at Barrio Getsemani, a bustling plaza that serves as a communal nexus for both residents and visitors. Engage in the vibrant ambiance, where street vendors present delectable local delicacies and accomplished performers enrapture audiences with their music and dance.

Satiate your palate at Tienda Las Tablitas, a charming indigenous shop that beckons with its enticing array of Colombian tidbits and libations. Relish traditional flavors and partake in authentic delicacies, allowing your senses to luxuriate in the gastronomic delights of the region.

As you wander further, you reach the iconic Calle de las Chancletas, a spirited thoroughfare adorned with vibrant hanging sandals. This distinctive display pays homage to a time-honored local custom, where residents drape their well-worn sandals on power lines as a symbol of unity and community spirit.

Upon concluding your pedestrian odyssey, take a moment to ruminate on the effervescent history and cultural mosaic of Getsemani. Allow the warmth of the locals and the enchanting ambience to etch an enduring impression upon your heart, as you bid adieu to this mesmerizing enclave, carrying cherished memories and a profound comprehension of Colombia’s opulent heritage.

Meeting point

Meet your guide in front of the Palettería.

Important information

This tour will take place rain or shine.