Guided Walking Tour in Calgary

walking tour calgary

Explore Calgary’s Vibrant Heart on a captivating 3-hour walking tour through iconic landmarks. Begin at the towering heights of Calgary Tower, taking in panoramic city and mountain views. Traverse the bustling Stephen Avenue Walk and immerse yourself in local culture at Arts Commons. Admire the architectural marvel of the Central Library, delve into history at City Hall and St. Louis Hotel, and be enchanted by the Wonderland Sculpture. Wander the +15 Skywalk and gaze upon the modern masterpiece of The Bow skyscraper. Find tranquility amidst urbanity at Devonian Gardens before culminating at the Fairmont Palliser, having uncovered the essence of Calgary’s unique character.

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3-hour guided walking tour

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Explore Calgary’s Vibrant Heart on this captivating 3-hour walking tour through the city’s most iconic landmarks. From the sleek modernity of skyscrapers to the enchanting green oases tucked amidst the urban buzz, this journey promises to unveil the essence of Calgary’s unique character.

Our adventure commences at the renowned Calgary Tower, where the city’s history and skyline converge. Ascend to breathtaking heights for panoramic views of the sprawling metropolis against the backdrop of the majestic Rocky Mountains. Gaze upon a tapestry that weaves together past and present, inspiring a sense of wonder for the urban expedition ahead.

As we descend, the energy of Stephen Avenue Walk beckons. A lively pedestrian street adorned with eclectic shops, charming cafes, and bustling boutiques, it embodies the heartbeat of Calgary’s social scene. Immerse yourself in the local culture, as musicians serenade you with their tunes and artisans showcase their crafts.

Our artistic journey unfolds at the Arts Commons, a cultural haven nurturing creativity. Admire the architecture that houses the city’s performing arts venues, each a vessel for storytelling through music, theater, and dance. Feel the creative pulse that resonates within these walls, inviting you to explore new perspectives.


A short stroll leads us to the architectural marvel of the Central Library. A modern masterpiece of design, it encapsulates Calgary’s thirst for knowledge and innovation. Wander through the soaring spaces, peruse the extensive collection, and soak in the atmosphere that celebrates the intersection of literature and community.

At City Hall, witness the heart of Calgary’s governance and politics. Nearby, the historic St. Louis Hotel stands as a reminder of the city’s wild west roots. These juxtaposed landmarks tell tales of a city shaped by diverse influences, where tradition meets progress.

Encounter the whimsical Wonderland Sculpture, a testament to Calgary’s creativity and artistry. We then traverse the +15 Skywalk, an ingenious network of elevated pathways that connect buildings, fostering a sense of unity among Calgary’s urban sprawl. Amidst this elevated maze, the city’s energy flows seamlessly, allowing us to truly appreciate its architectural synergy.

Marvel at The Bow, a majestic skyscraper that stands as a symbol of Calgary’s growth and ambition. Its stunning design captivates the eye, reflecting both the city’s urban prowess and its deep connection to nature. Contemplate how this modern giant complements the surrounding landscape.

A hidden oasis amidst the urban jungle, the Devonian Gardens provides a serene respite. Stroll through lush greenery, enchanting water features, and charming pathways, all within a skyscraper-clad realm. This juxtaposition of tranquility and urbanity captures Calgary’s unique ability to harmonize nature and progress.

Our expedition culminates at the Fairmont Palliser, an elegant establishment that embodies the city’s hospitality. Revel in the grandeur of this historic landmark, reflecting on the discoveries made throughout our journey. Share stories with newfound friends, inspired by the diversity and vibrancy of Calgary’s heart.


Meeting point

Meet your guide at Calgary Tower, look for your Guide’s Red Toonie Tours Umbrella.

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This tour will take place rain or shine.