Guided Walking Tour in Brussels

Get ready to embark on an exceptional adventure as you immerse yourself in a thorough 2.5-hour walking tour at the very core of Brussels, Belgium. Your expedition kicks off at the renowned Grand Place, serving as a remarkable showcase of seamlessly blending history and architecture. The outcome is a stunning vista of harmonious magnificence that stands unrivaled in its breathtaking splendor.

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10:45 / 14:30  hrs


2 hours 30 minutes

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2.5-hour guided walking tour

Local tour guide

Tour of the most emblematic places of Brussels

Hotel pickup and drop-off

Food and drinks

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Full description

Embark on an immersive 2.5-hour walking expedition that guides you through the captivating allure of Brussels, Belgium, uncovering its historical landmarks and hidden treasures. The journey commences at the splendid Grand Place, an UNESCO-listed square bedecked with ornate guildhalls and the iconic Town Hall, showcasing its architectural grandeur.

As we delve into the artistic facet of the city, you’ll encounter the vivacious world of street art, including charming murals paying tribute to the beloved comic character, Tintin. Admire the vibrant expressions adorning the city’s walls, encapsulating its creative essence.

Next, we’ll encounter the Monument to Everard Serclaes, an emblem of courage and defiance. Learn about the legendary narrative surrounding this sculpture and the historical importance it holds for Brussels’ inhabitants.

Our expedition then guides us to a distinct sight that epitomizes the city’s eccentric spirit: the renowned Manneken Pis, a mischievous bronze statue depicting a young boy relieving himself into a fountain. Delve into the amusing legends enshrouding this cherished fountain and grasp its role in Brussels’ folklore.

Traversing the Medieval Wall, we’ll be transported back in time, tracing the vestiges of the ancient fortifications that once shielded this enchanting city. Feel the echoes of history resonate as you traverse these age-old stones.


Our journey leads us to Sablon Square, a picturesque haven renowned for its refined ambiance and antique boutiques. Here, the splendid Church of Notre Dame du Sablon awaits, an exquisite exemplar of Brabantine Gothic architecture. Marvel at the intricate embellishments and soaring spires as we unveil the narratives concealed within its walls.

Our path proceeds to the striking Courthouse, an impressive neoclassical structure radiating magnificence and significance. Unearth Brussels’ legal legacy as you stand before this imposing edifice.

Continuing onward, we arrive at the resplendent Royal Square, where the opulent Palace of the Kings stands in majestic display. Listen to accounts of royalty, political chronicles, and national episodes that have shaped Belgium’s identity, all while immersing yourself in the regal atmosphere of this square.

Prepare to be entranced by the harmonious melodies wafting through the air as we approach the Museum of Music and Instruments. Immerse yourself in the realm of music as you explore an exceptional assemblage of instruments from diverse cultures and epochs, celebrating the universal language of harmonies.

Our ultimate destination is the serene Mount of the Arts, an oasis of serenity nestled amid the urban commotion. Take a moment to reflect on the enriching encounters of the tour and absorb the beauty of this elevated park.

Meeting point

Meet your guide at the Grand Place in front of the highest tower. Look for your guide with the yellow umbrella that says Belgotours.

Important information

This tour will take place rain or shine.